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Jan 1 13 4:59 PM

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2014 Toyota Hilux Major Change Facelift

2014 Toyota Hilux is expected to be a major change which will conpletely overhaul Toyota Hilux's interiors and exteriors and will give it a new look. New shape 2014 Hilux complete makeover is going to be as big a game changer as introduction of 2005 Toyota Hilux Vigo in late 2004.

This time around Toyota is making a big push to involve as many of its R&D teams as it can. More importantly engineers of Toyota Australia will play an important role in design of 2014 Toyota Hilux. Next Model Toyota Hilux 2014 2015 Spy Shots and Next Model Toyota Fortuner 2014 2015 Spyshots will be available as soon as available.

Toyota Australia Technical Centre, in Notting Hill near Melbourne will be in charge of chassis tuning for next generation HiLux pickup trucks destined for the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. Some of the items they will be overseeing are ride and handling tuning, along with the integration of ESC and other new-age chassis aids across all models for the first time in HiLux.

Some changes expected in New Model New Shape 2014 Major Change Toyota Hilux are as follows:

New Grill and front and rear lighting
Better ride and handling
Much better Suspension to reduce noise, vibration and harshness (NVH). Much better shock absorbers
Increase braked towing capacity to at least 3000kg from the current 2500kg
Add more active and passive safety features
European steering box instead of the current Japanese steering box
Electronic Stability Control will be added to all Hilux models

New changes will allow Hilux to set new bar in the market to retain its dominance. Currently Ford Ranger, Mazda BT-50 and Volkwagon Amarok have beat Hilux in some of its features. Toyota wants to leapfrog its competition with the new shape new model Toyota Hilux.
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Jan 2 13 9:16 PM

Waduuuh dah mau major change aja Hilux dan Fortuner ... semoga chassis dan body tetap sama jadi tinggal facelift lagi hihihi ...

Can't wait to see the new major change

Toyota Fortuner 2014 Major Change New Shape Facelift Being Designed by Toyota Australia. SUV Toyota Diesel Fortuner and Pickup Toyota Diesel For sale Hilux Thailand, Australia, Dubai, UK

Toyota Fortuner 2014 Major Change Facelift and Toyota Hilux Vigo 2014 Major Change Facelift New Shape Model - expected to be released late 2013 - promise to be the much expected complete overhaul of the IMV product range. This IMV overhaul is known as IMV II. Next Model Toyota Fortuner 2014 and Next Model Toyota Hilux 2014 are being built by a worldwide Toyota team.

Engineers of Toyota Australia have now been brought on board to bring their expertise in re-design. Toyota Technical Centre Australia (TTCAu) will responsible for development of the all-new SUV from the point where the project diverges from the HiLux on which it is based. Toyota Australia engineers will also lead chassis tuning of the HiLux. Toyota Fortuner 2014 Spy Shots and Toyota Hilux 2014 Spy Shots will be available soon. Specifications (specs) will follow soon.

Toyota Fortuner 2014 and Toyota Hilux 2014 will prove to be a substantial change that will revive Fortuner and Hilux franchise. It will have a completely new shape and a range of new technologies to compete with all its competitors. Ford, Mazda, Isuzu and GM Chevrolet's all released their Major Change facelift models as their 2013 models and they have made great strides and leaptfrog past Toyota in many aspects. Toyota does not want to be left behind and this Major Change will being a major change in its fortunes and restore the flagging fortunes of Fortuner and Hilux. In 2013 Mitsubishi and Nissan are also releasing their 2014 models so Toyota is mindful of all the changes they might be introducing. 2013 is going to be an eventful year and Jim is ready to serve its customers and will be the first one to not only ship the 2014 Toyota Hilux and 2014 Toyota Fortuner in first week of their release but will also take lead in releasing advance information as well as spy shots of the vehicles in development.

Some customers are already asking about new 2015 Toyota Fortuner and new 2015 Toyota Hilux Vigo models but please note that once Toyota makes a complete overhaul of the Toyota Hilux and Toyota Fortuner for 2014 lineup it will not likely refresh the 2015 model. The next minor change facelift will most likely be 2016 Toyota Fortuner and 2016 Toyota Hilux Vigo as Toyota does mid-generational refresh - better known as minor model change every two to three years depending on what competitors are doing and what market is demanding.

A facelift retains the basic styling and platform of the car, with aesthetic alterations, e.g., changes to the front fascia (grille, headlights), taillights, bumpers, instrument panel and center console, and various body or interior trim accessories. Mechanical changes may, or may not occur concurrently with the facelift, e.g., changes to the engine, suspension or transmission.

If you want to buy now, then no need to wait Toyota Fortuner 2013 SUV and Toyota Hilus Vigo 2013 are available in Right hand drive from our Thailand office and in left Hand Drive from our Dubai office and Indestructible Hilux is still world's best selling diesel pickup truck with highest resale value of any other pickup. We can also provide RHD Prado, RHD Landcruiser and RHD Kluger from our Australian and New Zealand offices. Our UK office can provide 3000 cc Toyota Landcruiser and 4500 cc Landcruiser as well as Toyota Hilux.

We will be releasing more information on 2014 2015 Toyota Hilux and 2014 2015 Toyota Fortuner in this website as information comes in. We hope to start taking booking by Summer 2013.

Please note that end of 2013 will be an eventful season for Toyota as Toyota is releasing not only Major Change Hilux and Major Change Fortuner but Toyota is also expected to release 2014 Toyota Forerunner, 2014 Toyota Corolla, 2014 Toyota Highlander, 2014 Toyota Matrix, Toyota Sienna and perhaps Toyota Yaris. It is not clear if 2014 Toyota Landcruiser, 2014 Toyota Prado, 2014 Toyota RAV-4 and 2014 Toyota Prius will undergo any major change in 2013 or not. In any event world's top Toyota dealer exporter will keep you updated on changes in the vehicles and model lineup. Isuzu is also planning to release 2014 Isuzu Dmax and 2014 Isuzu MU-7 SUV in 2013.

Volkwagen is introducing a longer version of Volkwagen VW Tiguan XL in 2015 which will compete with 2014 Toyota Fortuner SUV. One interesting thing about Tiguan 2015 major change model will be that it would be based on MQB platform which will give it plug-in hybrid capability. It is likely to have much better towing capability than Fortuner thanks to its relationship with upscale sibling VW Touareg.

Toyota Motor Asia Pacific Engineering and Manufacturing (TMAP-EM) will be responsible for the double-cab and Toyota Technical Centre Australia (TTCAu) will take responsibility for the Fortuner where the vehicles start to diverge.
When is Toyota Fortuner New design 2014 and Toyota Hilux New Shape 2014?

New Shape Toyota Fortuner Major Change 2014 model is likely to be released in September of 2013. New Design 2014 Toyota Hilux will be released simultaneously. If you want Fortuner now the new 2013 Toyota Fortuner and 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 and 2005 Toyota Fortuner are always on sale so whether you are looking for Toyota Fortuner 4x4 or Toyota Fortuner 4x2 it is still world's best selling Sport Utility Vehicle in its class. RHD Toyota Fortuner and LHD Toyota Fortuner are both available now.

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Apr 11 13 6:02 AM

no men, that is a relatively old concept called the A-Bat, it was said to be a small pick-up to enter the american market below the tacoma (and i guess other markets too) it was never intended to be a remplacement to the hilux, dou i wouldn't mind if it looked like that XD

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May 8 13 6:57 PM

New Hilux 2014

Hi does anyone have any links or information about new 2014 Hilux new model, i have hear that the engine is meant to be a v6 or something of a new engine coming in them, and is there a due date to this new model??

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